Additions and New Features

  • There are new sections throughout the book dealing with the “practical considerations” of mechatronic system design and implementation, including: circuit construction, electrical measurements, power supply options, general integrated circuit design, and PIC microcontroller circuit design.
  • The section dealing with LabVIEW data acquisition is expanded and now includes a complete music sampling example with web resources.
  • More website resources, including Internet links and online video demonstrations, have been added, and they are cited and described throughout the book.
  • The section dealing with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) has been expanded to include the basics of ladder logic with examples.
  • Interesting clipart images have been added next to each Class Discussion Item to help provoke thought and peak student interest, and to improve the visual look of the book.
  • More end-of-chapter questions have been added throughout the book to provide more homework and practice options for professors and students.
  • Corrections and many small improvements have been made throughout the entire book.