Major Changes and Additions

  • The topic of microcontroller programming and interfacing has been expanded and integrated more throughout the book.
  • New threaded design examples appear throughout the book. The designs are presented incrementally as pertinent material is covered in the book.
  • A new, detailed case study, involving myoelectyric control of a robotic arm, has been added.
  • Visual icons are included throughout the book marking cross-references to extensive online resources including video demonstrations, MathCAD examples, laboratory exercises, and Internet links to useful information.
  • The book website has been expanded and improved and is now closely integrated with the textbook.
  • The data acquisition chapter has been expanded and modernized, and it includes a brief introduction to LabView.
  • A new section introduces control theory and its application to mechatronic systems.
  • A supplemental laboratory manual with exercises is now available and coordinated with textbook material.

Minor Changes

  • Corrected all errors found in the second edition.
  • Improved wording and descriptions throughout the book.
  • Expanded the introduction to mechatronic systems by including and discussing photographs and video clips of various examples.
  • Added labeled photographs of actual components throughout the book.
  • Added more end-of-chapter questions throughout the book.
  • Expanded and improved the design procedure for microcontroller-based system design.