Major Changes and Additions

  • Added new chapter on microcontroller programming and interfacing.
  • Added information on digital CMOS devices and how to interface TTL and CMOS devices in Ch. 6.
  • Expanded coverage of MOSFETs in Ch. 3.
  • Added end-of-chapter questions throughout the book and categorized them according to section.
  • Added a mechatronics system figure to Ch. 1 (with description) and to the beginning of each chapter highlighting the topics being covered.

Minor Changes

  • Corrected all errors found in the first edition.
  • Improved wording and descriptions throughout the book.
  • Improved organization of sections and subsections where appropriate.
  • Added more Class Discussion Items throughout the book.
  • Added figures and a description of SAW devices in the MEMs section of Ch. 8.
  • Added a thorough combinational logic example to Ch. 6.
  • Now describe totem pole vs. open collector vs. tristate outputs, and source and sink currents in Ch. 6.
  • Added discussion and details for the coin counter case study in Ch. 10.
  • Added an astable pulse train generator to the 555 Timer section in Ch. 6.
  • Improved the explanation of input and output signals as related to spectra and frequency response in Ch. 4.
  • Added a description of open collector outputs to the comparator section in Ch. 5.
  • Added brief description of PALs, PLAs, and ASICs in Ch. 10.