• p. 21:  in Figure 2.12, the flux line and field direction is wrong for how the coil is shown in 3D.
  • p. 51:  in Table 2.3, in the “Z” row, “0.025 (precision resistors)” should be “0.025% for precision resistors”; and in the “A” row, “0.005” should be “0.005%”
  • p. 99:  in the paragraph before Section 3.4.4, the 2nd sentence (“The collector must be … > VE).”) is incorrect. It should be removed.
  • p. 121:  in Equation 4.11, there should be a closing paren at the end of the equation.
  • p. 135:  in Figure 4.12, the amplitude of Xin should be Ain, not KAin.
  • p. 153:  in the table, the flow for k1 should be “v3 – v2” (not “v2 – v2“), and the flow for k2 should be “v1 – v2” (not “v2 – v2“).
  • p. 154:  in the 2nd line, the “m” in “Fm” should be subscripted as Fm.
  • p. 163:  in Equation 5.3, Iin should be Iout.
  • p. 213:  in the truth table, in the last row, the value for B should be 1 (not 0).
  • p. 218:  in Table 6.6, D should be 1 (not 0) in the middle row.
  • p. 221:  in Table 6.9, there should be a bar over the Q in the heading of the last column.
  • p. 242, 244:  in Equations 6.37 and 6.38, the exponent should be negative (like it is in Equation 4.47)
  • p. 305:  in the wiring diagram, pin 14 on the PIC should be attached to 5V as shown in the final diagram on p. 327.
  • p. 308:  in Figure 7.18, “RA0 through RA4” should be “RA0 through RA3”
  • p. 317:  in the 4th line of the middle-of-page paragraph, “page xiii” should be “page x”
  • p. 341:  in Table 7.8, the unit for the last column should be “Ω” (Ohm), not “W”
  • p. 354:  in the first line below Equation 8.5, “at or above” should be “at a rate above”
  • p. 390:  in line 8, “HTCL” should be “HCTL”
  • p. 408:  in the 4th line, “liquid-in-gas” should be “liquid-in-glass”
  • p. 410:  in the 2nd paragraph, 1st line: “Thompson” should be “Thomson”
  • p. 411:  Equation 9.50 should be the following instead: VA/B = VA/C + VC/B = VA/C – VB/C
  • p. 444:  in the last line of the last paragraph the 0 should be infinity.
  • p. 529:  in Example A.4, in the 4th line, “6.093.14” should be “6.09314”

If you are using a newer version of PicBasic Pro (e.g., PBP3), the following changes should also be made:

  • pp. 274-275, 289, 297, 300-301, 315-316: change “loop” to “mainloop” (due to the new PicBasic Pro “Do … Loop” command)

If you find any errors, please report them to David.Alciatore@colostate.edu so they can be posted for the benefit of others.  Thanks!

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