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Books and References

Mechatronics Textbooks:
Basic Electronics:

Conferences and Proceedings

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Electronics (IC's, discrete components, switches, sensors, controllers, etc.)

*: popular

See the following for specialty components and services:

See the following for distributors, part search engines, and difficult-to-find parts:

See the following for printed circuit board (PCBs) manufacturing and assembly:

*: popular for inexpensive and fast prototyping

Here is an excellent resource reviewing all electricity and electronics fundamentals and applications:

All About Circuits

To find inexpensive parts and supplies for DIY kits, see the vendors here:

Other useful info:

Industrial Mechanical and Electrical Components (motors, gear boxes, accessories, hardware, electrical equipment, etc.)

Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, and Interfacing:


Motors and Motion Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Robotics (hobby and small projects, and drones)

*: popular

Drone-specific sites:

For more info and DIY projects, see:

Semiconductor (IC) Manufacturers:


Single Board Computers and Minicontrollers

Small Parts (bearings, couplings, gears, springs, shafts, belts, pulleys, seals, etc.)

Other Product Information

Other Useful Mechatronics Sites

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