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5th Edition (2019), 4th ed. (2012), 3rd ed. (2007), 2nd ed. (2003), 1st ed. (1999)

by David G. Alciatore
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University


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Resources Supplementing the Book

video demo

Online video demonstration available for viewing. The clips show and describe electronic components, mechatronic device and system examples, and laboratory exercise demonstrations.

lab exercise

Laboratory exercise available in the supplemental Laboratory Manual to reinforce a topic in the book.

mathcad/matlab example

Mathcad and Matlab files for performing analyses throughout the book. The files can be downloaded and edited to perform similar and expanded analyses. PDF versions are also posted for those that don’t have access to the Mathcad software.

internet link

Links to additional Internet resources supporting book topics.

Other Information and Teaching/Learning Resources

Mechatronic System Elements Book Figure